Moquette Washing

ABC FLOOR DESIGNER deals with carpet washing, carpets, lanes, synthetic and natural mats for public and private activities.

Carpet washing

Possibility of programmed, single and targeted interventions, even for small squares, for homes, hotels, public exercises, game rooms, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, offices, campers, boats.

Emergency intervention for immediate cleaning.

Scheduled interventions (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly) special interventions for regenerating carpets of high impact environments such as slot rooms etc. with pre-treatments on the surface, double carpet washing and disinfestation, washing and repairs of even classic and Persian rugs.

Possibility of washing carpets in the seat of transportable parts and repairs or reconstruction of damaged edges.

To those who request it we offer a flexible and customized program according to the needs and the quadrature, with programming of the interventions.

ABC FLOOR DESIGNER offers different types of intervention (single and double rotating brush, injection and extraction) depending on the type and nature of the product. Each operation involves suction, washing, rinsing. Different types of detergents all with neutral PH.

Possibility of discount for those who have been our customer in the supply or installation, or for those who install carpets and program from the beginning the carpet washes to be done.